Telematic assistance


Enagás facilitates the participation and attendance of its shareholders at the 2023 General Shareholders’ Meeting through Telematic Assistance. All shareholders or representatives of shareholders who are interested in attending the 2023 Meeting by this means, should take account of the following aspects:

  • In addition to the possibility of using the traditional voting procedure and electronic forum, shareholders can participate in the 2023 Shareholders' Meeting remotely through this Telematic Assistance space.
  • This attendance methodology enables Enagás' shareholders to:
    • Watch the 2023 General Shareholders' Meeting live and remotely.
    • Cast a vote on proposals relating to Agenda items.
    • Contribute to discussions in the space intended for that purpose.
  • All shareholders who wish to attend the Meeting electronically must pre-register through Electronic Voting before 11.00 am (CEST) of the day the General Shareholders’ Meeting is to be held (that is, on March 28, 2023 if the General Shareholders’ Meeting is held on first call and at 12:00 noon on March 29, 2023 if, as planned, the General Shareholders’ Meeting is held on second call). Registrations outside this period may not be authorised for connection to the Telematic Assistance platform.
    • Access to the platform is available exclusively on the day of the Meeting between 09:30 and 11:45 (CEST).
    • The shareholder or representative must have a valid electronic ID card or electronic signature both to pre-register and to access the telematic assistance platform on the day of the Meeting.
    • Streaming of the online meeting is available here.