We want to make the energy world more efficient, competitive and sustainable. 

Enagás Emprende, the Enagás Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme, was created in 2016 to promote innovative ideas and turn them into real projects that speed up the energy transition process and make the energy sector evolve towards more sustainable models.

Jobs created

90 M€
Invested in start-ups

Invested companies

Projects arising from intrapreneurship

We support unique projects that contribute to creating a sustainable world. These 18 projects have avoided the emission of almost 15,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere


Through the knowledge obtained from entrepreneurship and open innovation, Enagás diversifies its business model, incorporates disruptive technologies into its activity and promotes new markets based on sustainable energy sources, such as hydrogen and biogas.

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We are looking for disruptive solutions to accelerate the energy transition

  • Enagás Emprende presented during Enagás Innovation Day, celebrated in September 2023, a new Ingenia Energy Challenge edition.
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How can we help you

  • We support the best business ideas, technologies and business projects in the initial phase by professionals inside and outside Enagás.
  • We accompany each entrepreneur in the process of maturing and defining their project through investment, mentoring and tailored programmes.
  • We look for innovative talent 365 days a year and come together to celebrate it every year at our Ingenia Energy Challenge Awards.