At Enagás, we focus on people and on building a collaborative, equitable, flexible and safe work environment.

The people who form part of Enagás play a key role in preparing our organisation for the challenges of the future. They are the engine of change. We consider their development to be a critical factor in achieving our strategic objectives. That is why we are looking for professionals prepared to work differently in challenging environments, being innovative, more transversal and inclusive and promoting the development of diverse teams committed and excited about change.

As a company, we are promoting the adoption of agile frameworks in our teams and the dissemination of an agile corporate culture that allows our professionals to move towards a more flexible and collaborative model that encourages continuous improvement and the contribution of value to our teams.

We are a company committed to the work-life balance of our professionals. To this end, we promote balance, flexibility, and health and well-being measures that foster personal and professional development.

Enagás has flexible, dynamic and collaborative work and meeting spaces that have allowed the way its professionals work to evolve.


We are a Top Employer. We are fully committed to providing stable and quality employment


What do we offer?

Our Human Capital Management Policy is based on the following fundamental principles:


Stable and quality employment

We promote a model based on respect, team work, responsibility and commitment between professionals and the company.


Attracting and retaining talent

We ensure the incorporation of highly-qualified people who share Enagás’ principles and values. We have mechanisms that allow us to identify people with high potential and work on their professional development and career.


Work-life balance and flexibility

We are committed to work-life balance. We implement initiatives that promote a flexible work environment, tailored to the personal needs of each professional and aligned with new market trends.



We promote objectivity, equity and transparency in people management, ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination.


Occupational health and safety

We involve all professionals in the creation of a safe and healthy workplace.


Ethics and communication

We promote compliance with a code of ethics among all our professionals and a culture based on the free exchange of opinions and smooth communication at all levels of the company.

In addition, in the area of people and resources, we promote initiatives that:




We are a family-friendly company. Our commitment to work-life balance is maximised through more than 130 measures.




Global Employee Listening Programme

We fulfil our commitment to putting people first and enhancing their experience through a Global Employee Listening Programme. Through this programme, we aim to get closer to our professionals and understand how they relate to the company, identifying areas for improvement and key moments in the relationship in order to develop action plans that result in greater satisfaction and increase engagement, motivation and the well-being of people.


We have a common goal

Our human capital is our greatest asset. All our professionals are united by a common vision, mission and values, and we are guided by principles of action that govern the way we work. Together, we are moving towards a sustainable future with a clear goal: to be a carbon neutral company by 2040.