Ethics and integrity


One of our priorities is to ensure that our professionals and third parties with whom we have dealings behave ethically and with integrity.

Accordingly, we have a Code of Ethics that describes the conduct expected of all its professionals, regardless of their responsibilities and geographical and functional location. The Code of Ethics is structured in accordance with the company’s values and includes Enagás’ principles in relation to each of the values.



Professionals trained on the Code of Ethics


As the Technical Manager of the System (GTS), we have a Code of Conduct for Enagás GTS, whose objective is to ensure that the functions of the GTS are carried out independently from the rest of the Group’s activities. Furthermore, the Ethical Compliance Committee annually approves the report on the Code of Conduct and Complementary Measures to ensure separation of network activities and the independence of the Technical Manager of the Gas System.

The company, in line with its commitment to transparency and corporate ethics, also releases the Annual Report of Activities of the Ethics Compliance Committee. See the 2023 report here.



Pirámide documentos


Both documents, as well as the policies on which they are based, have been approved by the company’s Board of Directors.

In addition, we have management procedures in place to ensure due diligence in issues related to this area, as well as an Ethical Compliance Committee, which is the collegiate body to which the Audit and Compliance Committee delegates management of the process of notification and consultation concerning related matters.