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Introducing Azul y Verde, the magazine of the people of Enagás.

With this quarterly publication, we offer a closer look at our company. It includes news, articles and reports about our activity, our culture and our professionals, the real protagonists of Azul y Verde.


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Nº 53. Purpose for the future

  • Editorial: Towards a more sustainable future
  • Special: Artificial intelligence and its ethical challenges
  • What do we do in…?: The Technical Management of the System Department, with María Junco
  • Beyond Enagás: interview with Belén Zamora: Playing football has taught me teamwork and solidarity
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Nº 52. Towards a common goal

  • Special: Second Enagás Hydrogen Day. Towards a hydrogen infrastructure
  • In depth: El Musel LNG Terminal. The story of the team that commissioned the terminal
  • Person to Person: Enagás Volunteer Week
  • What do we do in…?: Finance, with Luis Romero
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Nº 51. Secure energy for the future

  • In depth: The Musel LNG Terminal starts its operation to contribute to European energetic security
  • What do we do in…?: The Technical Management of the System Department, with Susana de Pablo
  • Person to Person: Enagás promotes diversity and inclusion through leadership
  • ADN Startup: Driving decarbonization through technology and digitization
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Nº 50. The year of hydrogen

  • Special: The Enagás' Hydrogen Day sets the start of the year in the sector
  • In depth: Enagás' Dispatching
  • Person to person: The important role of mental health in work environments
  • What do we do in...? Legal Services and Corporate Affairs, with Diego Trillo
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Nº 49. Towards a new energy framework

  • Special: A high-performing team
  • In depth: Enagás takes the initiative to accelerate the development of green hydrogen
  • Enagás in the world: Enagás in Gastech
  • What do we do in...? Energy Transition, with Natalia Latorre
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Nº 48. Europe's moment

  • In depth: 2022-2030 Strategic Plan, towards security of supply in Europe and descarbonisation
  • Enagás in the world: Enagás underpins Greece as a key player in the gas supply of Southern Europe
  • Person to Person: The skills of the new hybrid leaders
  • AND Startup: Enagás Energy Venture Center, a knowledge hub to accelerate the energy transition
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Nº 47. Standing up to the challenges

  • In depth: Mallorca, the epicentre of industrial green hydrogen production in Spain
  • Enagás in the world: Long-term alliances, keys for Enagás international activity
  • What we do in…?: The Kuwaiti plant of Al-Zour, with Enagás stamp
  • Person to Person: Enagás, an egalitarian company committed to LGTBIQ+ diversity
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Nº 46. A year of great opportunities

  • In depth: Data analytics, Enagás' ally for further progress in efficiency and innovation
  • Enagás in the world: A decade of Enagás' international expansion thanks to everyone's commitment
  • The sustainable wave: Enagás, distinguished internationally for its commitment to reducing methane emissions
  • Startup DNA: Sercomgas, a key ally for marketers entering Spain
Nº 45. A path towards new energies

Nº 45. A path towards new energies

  • In depth: Biomethane, an ally for the energy transition and an opportunity for Spain
  • Enagás in the world: Tallgrass and the recovery of the sector in the US
  • The sustainable wave: Enagás, an active agent in the Spanish Business and Biodiversity Initiative
  • Startup DNA: Scale Gas facilitates energy transition in the small-scale LNG market
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Nº 44. Looking towards a new horizon

  • General Shareholders’ Meeting Special: Enagás reaffirms its commitment to decarbonisation to its shareholders
  • In depth: The Spanish gas system overcomes a challenging year with flying colours and strengthens reliability
  • Enagás in the world: TLA Altamira, guaranteeing energy supply in Mexico
  • Person-to-Person: Enagás, an inclusive and equal opportunity company
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Nº 43. Enagás, carbon-neutral by 2040

  • In depth: Natural gas accelerates sustainable mobility
  • Enagás in the world: The TAP pipeline, backed by Enagás, strengthens Europe’s security of supply
  • What do we do in...? Markets and Guarantees Management, anticipation and security for a transparent market
  • Person-to-Person: Enagás, standard-bearer for the right to disconnect