We offer the market our expertise and experience in engineering, design, optimisation and start-up of gas facilities. We have a great team of experts and specialists in the sector to advise and train our customers.

We offer high value-added services and design bespoke processes to achieve maximum availability, operability and efficiency.


Services by type of infrastructure

1.    Basic, conceptual and detailed engineering support

2.   Support for expansion/revamping and design optimisation projects

3.   HAZID- HAZOP assistance and support

4.   Plant redesign for optimisation

      Frequency converters, regeneration of turboexpanders, etc.

5.   Boil-off management and minimum compressor delivery

6.   Cold recovery process

7.   Analysis of the concrete structure of LNG tanks

      Using software and drones developed in-house.

8.   Revision of construction specifications for bids  

       Selection, validation, clarifications and tabulations.

9.   Support from an inspection and activation standpoint

10.  Technical support for specific problems

11.   Advice on the adaptation of the terminal, docks and loading arms

       For loading and reloading of all tanker sizes

12.   Truck loading station projects

        Redesign, optimisation, start-up and load control system.

13.   Satellite regasification plants, natural gas service stations and other small-scale facilities 

14.   Nitrogen generation plant

1.    Performance analysis and optimisation

       Before or after construction

2.   Review, sizing, redesign and implementation of improvements in equipment layout

3.   Support in the purchasing process and selection of suppliers

4.   Design, installation and audit of ancillary services

      Cathodic protection, communications and fiber optic systems, security systems, etc.

5.    Analysis to reduce gas consumption and emissions

       Own generation solutions, conversion from gas to electric compressors, turboexpanders, wind power generation, etc.

1.    Review of procedures and documentation

2.   Consulting and assistance on-site

3.   Functional tests

4.   Performance tests

5.   Optimisation of operation

6.   Education and training

7.    Audits and review of SCADA systems

8.   DCS/ESD/F&G system settings

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