The Technical Manager of the System is responsible for the “Single contracting platform for requesting and allocating capacity” in the Spanish Gas System. The Capacity Contracting Platform is integrated into the SL-ATR and allocates capacity in Gas System facilities.

Requests and participation in capacity allocation auctions are undertakings that are final and binding. Capacity is allocated using the market mechanisms indicated in the current regulations.

Users must previously provide sufficient guarantees to cover their capacity allocation operations.

The services that may be contracted are:

  • Tanker unloading
  • Regasification
  • LNG storage
  • LNG truck loading
  • LNG terminal-to-tanker bunkering
  • LNG ship-to-ship transfer
  • Ship cooling
  • Virtual liquefaction
  • PVB entry
  • PVB exit
  • Underground natural gas storage
  • Injection
  • Extraction
  • Bundled services


Capacity allocation in storage facilities is carried out in two phases: direct allocation for users with end-consumer demand to meet strategic stocks in underground storage facilities and auctions of available capacity of the different products defined in the current regulations.

The capacity offered for interruptible tariffs is published yearly as a Resolution in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and applies to the period from October 1 to September 30 the following year.



In this section, you can check the capacity allocation procedures calendar for the services available in the Spanish Gas System, as set out in the current legislation.



Capacity allocation of underground storage

The allocation of capacity of underground storage is conducted in two stages: the first one is the direct allocation at the request of each user, according to their demand, and subsequent auctions of different defined products.



Interruptible capacity allocation

The interruptible toll is published yearly as a resolution in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and applies to the period between 1st October of one year to 30th September of the next.

The information includes the areas with entitlements to interruptible toll, and the daily energy at each one. Requests from interested shippers are sent to the Technical Manager of the System within established deadlines. These are then analysed for feasibility and the definitive allocation is published before 30th September each year.