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29.6 %

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New ways of working

We promote new ways of working based on agility and aimed at maximising the value we create. We apply an agile model at the organisational level and in our culture, promoting collaborative and flexible frameworks and work environments.

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Diversity and inclusion

We work every day to ensure an effective, efficient and innovative working environment in which diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are a reality. Our goal is to develop a cultural environment that makes Enagás an excellent company to work for. 

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Health and safety

We promote a culture based on the comprehensive health care and safety of our professionals and their environment.

Learn about Enagás’ Health and Safety strategy, which is based on the pillars of health and well-being, occupational safety, industrial safety and crisis management.

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Training and talent development

We are committed to the continuous development and growth of our people. Accordingly, we promote continuous learning for all our professionals, for which we have our own Training School and partnership agreements with training providers and leading national and international business schools.