Our Main Control Centre

From Dispatching, our Main Control Centre (MCC) ensures that the operations of all agents that use the system facilities are within the parameters laid down in the legal framework, and that these operations do not interfere with the continuity and quality of natural gas supply at any point in Spain.


Mission: issue the appropriate instructions to ensure the continuity and security of the system according to criteria of efficiency and transparency

Our purpose from Dispatching


Security of supply

Responsible for the real-time operation and monitoring of gas movement in the Spanish transmission network (365/24)



Responsible for proper coordination between access points, storage facilities, transmission and distribution.


Operating efficiency

Operated based on efficiency and transparency

Main areas of activity

From our MCC, we handle the following activities, among others:

  • Continuously manage and oversee all transmission infrastructure, regasification plants, underground storage facilities, international connections, biomethane plants, etc., in ongoing communication with the control centres of these facilities, giving the necessary instructions for their proper operation and ensuring the delivery of gas in the appropriate conditions at the exit points of the system. This is done by monitoring user schedules, including tanker unloading and loading information.
  • Determine and monitor the level of security of natural gas supply in the system at all times, foreseeing and facilitating the movement of gas in accordance with the demand forecast.
  • Coordinate and amend, if necessary, the maintenance plans for facilities to ensure their operation and availability in order to ensure the security of supply of the system.
  • Provide specialised support to system users in hourly and daily processes (24/7).


We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


At the forefront of technology for effective management

Our MCC is fitted out with modern facilities and equipment to be able to manage all the information we receive in real time, monitoring more than 30,000 signals.

  • Centralised and scalable remote control system, with a high degree of availability and security.
  • Collection, digitisation and analysis of thousands of pieces of data through automated processes.
  • Availability of two backup facilities to strengthen security of supply: Reserve Control Centre (RCC) and Last Resort Control Centre (LRCC), both of which are equipped with the same technical resources as the Main Control Centre.


Learn more about our MCC in our corporate brochure ‘Gas System Control Centre’.