Allocation and balancing


Residual balancing operations

View provisional data on Residual Balancing Operations in the System (BRS) for each entry point to the transmission network, with a breakdown of provisional and final provisional daily data.



List of satellite plants assigned to tanker loading plants

In compliance with Detailed Protocol PD-12 “Procedures to be applied to liquefied natural gas tankers destined for satellite plants,” the document below lists the satellite plants assigned to tanker loading plants.



Losses in distribution system monitoring report

Download the “Losses in distribution system monitoring report”, which includes data on actual losses, retained losses and the loss balance in distribution networks. In addition, you can view the addendum to the report with updated information provided by the distributors.



Enagás GTS accounts

Consult the daily monitoring of stocks in the accounts of the Technical System Manager in PVB, AASS and regasification plants.