General Shareholders' Meeting

The General Shareholders’ Meeting represents all shareholders and exercises the functions corresponding to it as the governing body of the Enagás Group.

Enagás' shareholders, investors and customers may contact the company to request any information regarding the General Shareholders' Meeting by mail at Enagás, S.A., Paseo de los Olmos, 19, 28005 Madrid, by calling 900 100 399 or by email to Investor Relations and Communication here.


March 30th
First call

March 31st
Second call


The Enagás 2022 General Shareholders' Meeting was held, upon second call, on March 31 at 12:00, not having reached the necessary quorum for it to be held on first call on March 30.

Recommendation to vote remotely or telematic voting and attendance, in view of the situation brought about by COVID-19.

One of Enagás' priorities in relation to the current situation caused by coronavirus is to guarantee the health and safety of people, including its employees and stakeholders, such as shareholders. Accordingly, the company recommends and urges the shareholders to make use of the means of representation and remote voting indicated in this notice (by postal correspondence or by electronic communication) or to participate in the General Shareholders’ Meeting by means of remote attendance and telematic voting in real time, thus avoiding, as far as possible, physical attendance at the place where the General Shareholders’ Meeting is held.

Likewise, shareholders are informed that, due to security measures, the usual handing out of gifts is not taking place place at the time of the Meeting; these gifts can be collected, from March 7 to March 30, both inclusive, at the Shareholders’ Information Office at the Company’s registered office located at Paseo de los Olmos 19, 28005 Madrid. Collection time is from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm, Monday to Friday, upon presentation of the attendance and voting card.

Along the same lines, activities planned at the end of the Meeting, such as the cocktail, are suspended.

To facilitate live monitoring of the 2022 Meeting, a telematic assistance was available to shareholders through which they can vote and participate by sending questions or comments. Shareholders who wish to use the remote attendance mechanisms must first register through the electronic voting and delegation and remote attendance application, from the date of the announcement of the call to 11.00 am (CEST) of the day the General Shareholders’ Meeting is to be held (that is, on March 30, 2022, upon first call and, if applicable, on the following day, March 31, 2022, upon second call).

Notwithstanding the above recommendation, those shareholders or proxies who physically attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting are informed that during the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the general sanitary measures of prevention and hygiene intended to avoid the spread of COVID-19 will be respected at all times.

The interpersonal safety distance shall be maintained among attendees, the use of masks by the attendees shall be mandatory at all times, duly authorised hydro alcoholic or disinfectant gel dispensers shall be made available to the public in accessible and visible places, the entrance and exit shall be organised to avoid crowds at the entrances, and the corresponding disinfection tasks shall be carried out in those spaces that have been used.

Sustainable Shareholders' Meeting

For the third year in a row, the Enagás General Shareholders’ Meeting is held as a sustainable event in accordance with the ISO 20121:2013 standard. This means that, from its planning to its development and conclusion, sustainable management criteria are followed in line with Enagás’ commitment to sustainability, society and the environment, creating added value for its stakeholders within the framework of one of the most important events for the company.

All the information related to the sustainability of the General Shareholders’ Meeting is available here in advance of the day of the celebration

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Regulations of the General Shareholders’ Meeting

The Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 27th, 2021, approved the modification of several articles of the Regulations of the Enagás General Shareholders’ Meeting. Registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid.