Operator at Enagás terminal

Our purpose

Our purpose is twofold: to contribute to ensuring the security of energy supply, an essential service for the well-being of society.  And, by driving innovation, to accelerate the decarbonisation process and thus create value for our stakeholders.

Gas Compression Station detail

The axes of our strategy

We have a resilient strategy for long-term sustainable growth in Spain and Europe.

  • /content/dam/enagas/es/imagenes/icons/GasoductoMin.svg Infrastructure of gas and hydrogen and businesses adjacent to the core business.
  • /content/dam/enagas/es/imagenes/icons/InnovacionMin.svg Innovation, technology and digitalisation.
  • /content/dam/enagas/es/imagenes/icons/BolaMundoMin.svg International development with a focus on Europe.
  • /content/dam/enagas/es/imagenes/icons/GasesRenovablesMin.svg Activity and green hydrogen and biomethane generation projects through Enagás Renovable subsidiary.

Reliable energy for a decarbonized future. A 2030 strategy for a new stage in Europe