Security of supply and decarbonisation are the main axes on which the new European energy paradigm is based. These axes reinforce Europe’s renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives on the one hand, and on the other hand, they allow the development of new infrastructure to integrate EU markets.

Thanks to its geographical location and its consolidated network of infrastructure and international connections, Spain is ideally positioned to become a leading country in the production and export of renewable energies, such as green hydrogen.

At Enagás, we want to actively contribute to the energy transition process, promoting the integration of renewable gases in the Spanish and European Gas Systems.

As a leading TSO in Europe, Enagás can be a key player in the decarbonisation process and contribute its experience and knowledge to the adaptation of existing infrastructure and the development of new ones.

In April 2022, Enagás incorporated the subsidiary Enagás Infraestructuras de Hidrógeno, through which the company separates its functions as a natural gas infrastructure operator (TSO) from the possible future management of hydrogen infrastructure. Its objective is the development, construction and operation of infrastructure to meet the need for hydrogen transmission and storage, in line with national and European legislation, plans and roadmaps.

The subsidiary is already developing demonstration projects with hydrogen pipeline logistics as the core and main system.

We offer the energy market our experience and knowledge of energy infrastructure to address the challenge of creating a hydrogen infrastructure network in Spain and Europe, thereby enhancing and ensuring the security of supply of the European Gas System.


European unity and cooperation

At the European level, we are one of the TSOs driving the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative, designed to lay the foundation for the future hydrogen transmission network in Europe, in line with the REPowerEU plan.

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