Security of supply and decarbonisation are the main axes on which the new European energy paradigm is based. These axes reinforce Europe’s renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives on the one hand, and on the other hand, they allow the development of new infrastructure to integrate EU markets.

Spain holds a favourable position thanks to its geographical location, its industrial and technological capabilities, and its consolidated infrastructure network. This advantageous position will serve as a starting point for the creation of the future green hydrogen transmission backbone.  Thanks to its potential for renewable generation, Spain also has the opportunity to emerge as a leading country in the production and export of renewable energies, such as green hydrogen. This is key for enhancing European competitiveness and ensuring security of supply.


Spain has an infrastructure network that could be the starting point for the development of a hydrogen network, with more than 80% overlap in the routes


As a leading TSO in Europe, Enagás can be a key player in the decarbonisation process and contribute its experience and knowledge to the adaptation of existing infrastructure and the development of new ones, accelerating the creation of a competitive hydrogen market in Spain and Europe.


Union and collaboration to speed up the energy transition



H2med: the first hydrogen corridor in the EU

The TSOs of Spain, France, Portugal and Germany are working to advance the H2med project, included in the European Union's definitive list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) in April 2024

H2med is the first hydrogen corridor amongst the ones envisaged in REPowerEU. This project will accelerate the deployment of hydrogen in Europe connecting the Iberian Peninsula to France and to the North of Europe by creating a hydrogen infrastructure network that enables the development of a competitive, liquid and pan-European market of this energy vector.

The project will have a capacity to transport up to 2 million tonnes of green hydrogen produced in Spain and Portugal to Europe. This accounts for 10% of the overall consumption goal set by Europe. H2med is expected to be commissioned in 2030.


H2med will have the capacity to transport up to 2 million tonnes of green hydrogen produced in Spain and Portugal to Europe



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