Billing and settlements


Enagás GTS is responsible for billing the non-localised services indicated in CNMC Circular 8/2019 of 12 December and for assisting users with the financial aspects associated with the services provided.

These services are:

Transmission system and LNG plants               

  • LNG storage
  • Regasification
  • Access to PVB from TVB
  • Exit of PVB to TVB
  • Virtual liquefaction

Underground gas storage facilities

  • Storage + injection + extraction (SIE)
  • Gas storage
  • Extraction
  • Access to PVB from AVB
  • Exit of PVB to AVB
  • Injection



In accordance with CNMC Circular 2/2020, the GTS is responsible for calculating user imbalances and for settling and billing the relevant charges in each of the System's balancing areas.

The settlement processes are:

  • Settlement of provisional imbalances in PVB and TVB
  • Resettlement of final provisional imbalances in PVB and TVB
  • Resettlement of definitive final imbalances in PVB and TVB
  • Settlement of definitive imbalances in AVB
  • Settlement of M+1 balancing actions
  • Re-settlement of M+4 balancing actions
  • Re-settlement of M+16 balancing actions
  • Settlement of GTS actions in TVB and AVB N+1
  • Re-settlement of GTS actions in TVB and AVB N+2
  • Settlement of provisional closing stock adjustments in TVB
  • Settlement of final closing stock adjustments in TVB




Technical process documentation



Simulator of tolls for services billed by GTS



User Group

In accordance with the provisions of CNMC Circular 02/2020, setting out the natural gas balancing rules, shippers and/or direct consumers in the market may group together to form a single user (Article 3. Definitions) and will therefore have a single balance portfolio for the purpose of PVB, TVB and AVB imbalance settlements.

In accordance with the procedure for authorising and cancelling the balance portfolio of Gas System users in TVB, PVB and AVB, and the balance portfolio framework agreement, to set up a User Group, the application form in the SL-ATR Authorisation and Access Form must be completed.



Direct debit payment

Enagás GTS offers users the possibility to pay invoices for ATR services and imbalance settlements in the PVB, TVB and AVB balancing areas by direct debit.

This service is applicable to all banks that operate with the IBERPAY and EBA clearing house.

The diagram below explains how to avail of this service. Click on each phase for more details.