Analysts’ recommendations

In the following table you can consult consensus and analysts’ recommendations with respect to Enagás shares.

Buy 2
Hold 10
Sell 13
Under revision 0
Consensus Sell
Average Target Price 18,80€




Analyst Opinion

In the following table you can consult the opinion of analysts on the value of Enagás.

Broker Analyst Recomendation Target price Date
BANKINTER Aránzazu Bueno HOLD 19.9€ 27/07/2022
RBC Fernando García SELL 16.0€ 20/07/2022
MIRABAUD Sonia Ruiz de Garibay HOLD 21.0€ 18/07/2022
KEPLER CHEUVREUX José Porta BUY 21.9€ 14/07/2022
SOCIETE GENERALE Jorge Alonso HOLD 19.2€ 14/07/2022
ALANTRA EQUITIES Fernando Lafuente SELL 18.74€ 13/07/2022
BPI CAIXABANK Flora Trindade HOLD 21.0€ 13/07/2022
MEDIOBANCA Javier Suárez HOLD 20.5€ 13/07/2022
RENTA4 Angel Perez Llamazares HOLD 19.21€ 13/07/2022
EXANE BNP Manuel Palomo SELL 17.5€ 13/07/2022
JB CAPITAL MARKETS Jorge Guimaraes SELL 17.6€ 13/07/2022
BARCLAYS José Ruiz Fernandez SELL 17.8€ 12/07/2022
SANTANDER Bosco Muguiro SELL 17.57€ 07/07/2022
BERENBERG Marc Ip Tat Kuen HOLD 22.0€ 14/06/2022
JB CAPITAL MARKETS Jorge Guimaraes SELL 17.5€ 29/04/2022
MORGAN STANLEY Arthur Sitbon SELL 17.0€ 28/04/2022
UBS Gonzalo Sánchez-Bordona HOLD 19.6€ 27/04/2022
BANCO SABADELL Antonio Martos Martinez SELL 20.13€ 26/04/2022
BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH Harry Wyburd SELL 14.3€ 26/04/2022
GOLDMAND SACHS Alberto Gandolfi SELL 18.0€ 30/03/2022
GVC GAESKO BETA Victor Peiró BUY 25.0€ 28/03/2022
BESTINVER Daniel Rodríguez SELL 18.5€ 24/03/2022
RENTA4 Angel Perez Llamazares BUY 20.22€ 22/03/2022
ODDO BHF Luis de Toledo Heras HOLD 21.4€ 22/03/2022
CITIGROUP Antonella Bianchessi SELL 11.0€ 22/02/2022
JP MORGAN Javier Garrido HOLD 18.2€ 22/02/2022
DEUTSCHE BANK James Brand SELL 17.0€ 26/10/2021

These tables are updated monthly.

The information contained herein has been provided by analysts or is information available to the public and Enagás makes no warranty, either implicit or explicit, as to its accuracy. Enagás reserves the right to modify or complete this information without prior notice. This information —which is outside the scope of the information required by the National Securities Market Commission— is provided as a courtesy by Enagás for convenience and information purposes only, and it is not the Company’s intention to endorse or provide any type of investment advice. Enagás shall have no liability whatsoever (in negligence or otherwise) for any damage or loss howsoever arising from any use of this information.