Metrology and Innovation Centre (CMI)


Our Metrology and Innovation Centre (CMI) was created in 1987 in Zaragoza to promote the development of new technologies for the use of natural gas, as well as to manage participation in R&D projects in all areas of the company.

Today, its objectives focus on providing metrology services to support the correct measurement of energy in Enagás and innovation services to achieve carbon neutrality and facilitate the integration of renewable gases into the Gas System.

The facilities currently includes R+D+I activities in support of measurement, the Central Laboratory and a Data Processing Centre (DPC). Furthermore, and in line with Enagás' objectives and commitment to decarbonisation, the company announced on its 2nd Hydrogen Day that it is working on a plan to transform and expand its Metrology and Innovation Centre to serve the future network of hydrogen infrastructures in Spain.


The CMI has been providing services for more than 30 years to the different areas of Enagás and to national and international companies in the natural gas and renewable gases sectors, to which it provides technological support. The Centre offers services in the following areas:


In 2013, we set up our second Data Processing Centre (DPC) or Green Data Centre, which is interconnected and synchronised with the main DPC, located in Madrid. Together they ensure the correct operation of the Gas System and the security of natural gas supply in Spain.

The Green Data Centre is the result of our efforts in innovation, striving for sustainability and support for efficiency. It was one of the first of its kind in Europe and the first in Spain to obtain LEED certification — one of the world’s most prestigious sustainable construction standards — on account of its high-performance systems that maximise energy efficiency. Thanks to these systems, the DPC consumes 30% less electricity than other centres of a similar size and emits 40% less CO2. We were also the first European energy company to obtain Tier IV certification for the high level of security of our data centre in Zaragoza.


The DPC consumes 30% less electricity than other centres of a similar size and emits 40% less CO2.


Given the importance of the facility, the building is equipped with the latest surveillance technology to ensure the protection and integrity of the Spanish Gas System’s information, both on-site and remotely from the 24/7 security facility in Madrid.


Our Central Laboratory, whose objective is to contribute to the development of new technologies to improve Enagás’ activity and the industry, has three specialised laboratories accredited by the National Accreditation Body, ENAC.

This laboratory performs calibrations of industrial, commercial and domestic gas meters or flowmeters in its different calibration benches.

This laboratory performs analysis and calibration of gas mixtures, determination of gas properties in accordance with ISO 6976, EN 16726, and the preparation, rental and dispatch of sample cylinders.

This laboratory performs calibration of instruments in the area of pressure, temperature and electrical quantities.


Check all the accredited services offered by our laboratories here.


Fugitive emissions bank

The installation allows the creation of controlled leaks of CH4:H2 mixtures to test leak detection and quantification devices for both natural gas and hydrogen leaks.


And also...

Our Metrology and Innovation Centre conducts training sessions for different players in the energy industry in the following areas:

  • Energy measurement process
  • Maintenance and operation of measurement systems
  • Metrology and calibration
  • Readings and measurements
  • Business impact of the measurement process
  • Monitoring and improvement of the measurement process
  • Gas chromatography


Enagás is driving various initiatives to transform and expand the functions of its Metrology and Innovation Centre (CMI) with the aim of serving the future hydrogen network and the entire value chain associated with this energy vector in Spain.

Specifically, the company is working on adapting its gas analysis and quality laboratory to make it 100% hydrogen compatible, work that is expected to be completed by mid-2024. In addition, through the HYLOOP+ project, Enagás will build a new hydrogen calibration laboratory by mid-2025, which will calibrate and adjust all types of flowmeters installed at inlet and outlet stations of the future hydrogen network (up to 650 m3/h and DN150). As the demand for this energy vector evolves, the CMI will be able to incorporate new capacities for the measurement of larger diameter meters.

By promoting this type of project, Enagás is expanding its technical capabilities to act as provisional manager of the hydrogen backbone network, in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 8/2023 of 27 December, and to become a benchmark HTNO in Europe.

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