The purpose of measurement is to determine the quantity and quality of gas flows at all points of the Gas System, where legally required or deemed necessary, in order to perform the following functions and activities accurately and correctly:

  • The supervision and management of the overall control of the operation of the System.
  • The allocations and balancing referred to by the corresponding Technical Management of the Gas System Regulations and its associated technical standards.
  • The billing for gas deliveries between parties operating in the system.
  • The billing for supplies delivered to end consumers by distributors and shippers.
  • The billing for ATR services (third-party network access) provided to facility users by the owners of the facilities that make up the System.
  • The monitoring of scheduling and nominations as well as the analysis of their viability.

The requirements for measurement procedures and measuring equipment are developed in NGTS-05 and all aspects related to metrology are linked to the metrological control regulations.