Website accessibility


The font and background combinations on the Enagás website ensure that information is presented with sufficient visual contrast and clarity.

The font sizes of the contents of this website can be customised through the display menu of the web browser.

All form fields follow a logical tab order. Labels have been associated to all of them in order to facilitate the understanding of the data requested in each case.


This certification is not applicable in the following cases:

  1. The section “Request for Capacity Reservation”
  2. PDF documents, Excel and multimedia files


The Enagás website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical, cognitive or technological abilities



Double “AA” level

To maintain the double “AA” level, Enagás incorporates new accessibility criteria in the constant development of its website. Some of the measures it is already working on are:

A measure aimed at making it possible for everyone to access any part of the web by simply using the computer keyboard.

The images, banners and tables published on the Enagás website include a description that facilitates understanding of the information contained in these graphic resources. This makes it possible to know which image accompanies a content, which products or ideas are promoted by the different banners or which data is provided in the tables.

Most links on the Enagás website include a clarification of their destination and provide information on whether the page to which they lead will be displayed in a new browser window.