Renewable gases are 100% clean energy solutions that contribute to developing a circular economy and moving towards carbon neutrality, as set out in the EU’s 2050 decarbonisation timeline. These energy carriers bring flexibility and resilience to the system, decarbonise the energy mix and enhance security of supply.

There is no single solution to the challenge of the energy transition and this makes it necessary to use all available technologies to accelerate this process. At Enagás, we are promoting the deployment of two types of renewable gases: renewable hydrogen and biomethane. The company is committed to sustainability and aims to be carbon neutral by 2040.


Infrastructure for renewable gases

To meet the EU’s security of supply and decarbonisation targets, a robust infrastructure network to transport or store renewable gases is essential.

Spain is well positioned to become the first green hydrogen hub in the European Union. It has infrastructure, management experience, a privileged geographical position and a large renewable generation capacity, among many other factors, which allow it to be an active part of this change in the energy paradigm.

For Enagás, decarbonisation and security of supply form part of its purpose and lie at the heart of its Strategic Plan. In this context, the company has been applying improvements to its facilities for years to reduce its carbon footprint and is set to be a key player in the decarbonisation process, contributing its experience and knowledge to the adaptation of existing gas infrastructure to renewable gases, and to the development of new ones that will accelerate the creation of a competitive hydrogen market in Spain and Europe. In this respect, the company is promoting the development of H2med and the Spanish Hydrogen Backbone


Spain is well positioned to become the first green hydrogen hub in the European Union


In addition, as Technical Manager of the System, Enagás GTS is, as of October 2022, the entity designated to manage the Guarantees of Origin System for Renewable Gases. This system, which is already operational, contributes to building more sustainable models, as it makes it possible to certify the renewable origin of the energy we consume, providing information such as where, when, with what energy source or in what type of facility the renewable gas has been produced.


Renewable gases projects

To ensure the independence of the different parts of the renewable gases value chain, Enagás has created the subsidiary Enagás Renovable, which promotes or participates in more than 30 specific projects for the production and marketing of renewable gases, such as green hydrogen and biomethane.

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