As an international leader in the natural gas and energy industries, we draw on our experience in infrastructure management and leadership to provide value-added services to our customers.

Our portfolio of services covers a wide and diverse range of activities. All of them are differential services, with a high degree of specialisation and have been successfully demonstrated in our infrastructure.

Our subsidiary Enagás Services Solutions, created in 2018, provides engineering, energy efficiency and consulting, operation and maintenance and comprehensive sustainability services to third parties.

We also offer measurement and quality services for natural gas and renewable gases to industrial companies, customers and end users through our Metrology and Innovation Centre in Zaragoza.

Learn more about the main services grouped by line of activity.


Operators at Enagás terminal

Engineering, energy efficiency and consulting

  • Engineering and optimisation
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Energy efficiency
  • Education and training
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Bespoke solutions
Operator at Enagás terminal

Operation and maintenance

  • Technical support
  • Maintenance management model
  • Technical advice and improvements
  • Efficiency and optimisation
  • Risk management
  • Integrated operator
  • Fugitive emissions control
  • Maintenance of fiber optic networks 
Operators at Enagás terminal

Climate action

  • Quantification and measurement of fugitive emissions
  • Methane footprint calculation, analysis and reduction
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Renewable gases
Operator at Enagás terminal

Gas measurement and quality

  • Gas meter calibration
  • Calibration of equipment for custody transfer
  • Analysis of natural gas and renewable gas quality
  • Metrological verification of equipment in situ and in laboratory
  • Advisory and consultancy services on gas measurement and quality

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