At Enagás, we are aware of the importance of having a stable, high-level team capable of positioning the company as an international technological benchmark in gas infrastructure. This requires continuous training throughout their careers to enable them to carry out their functions and take on the strategic challenges set by the company, as well as to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to face future challenges.

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Committed to the continuous development of our people

These development programs contribute to the achievement of the company's strategic objectives, and their main benefits are the development and retention of talent, an increase in employee satisfaction and motivation, an increase in company productivity, the development of leadership and the company's strategic vision, and the fostering of female talent and an increase in the presence of women in positions of responsibility.

We have an onboarding programme designed to make joining the company a special moment. Newcomers enjoy a day of immersion in the company and its culture at our headquarters and, in addition, they will be accompanied by a “buddy”, a colleague who will help them to adapt and will guide and help them during their first days.

We want our professionals to feel motivated and supported in their professional growth, which is why we work in a personalised way on Individual Development Plans. These plans allow the individual to develop leadership behaviours and competencies in those aspects identified as opportunities for improvement in their assessment processes, as well as to reinforce their strengths.

We have established learning plans and training itineraries to prepare and train all the company’s professionals in their functions, as well as to structure and improve the quality of their learning in key areas such as management, CSR and the environment.

Female talent needs to be recognised, encouraged and developed. For this reason, we set up internal and external programmes for women at Enagás based on sharing experiences, self-recognition of strengths and changing habits to help them develop practical skills. They also have access to world-class external programmes through partnerships with business schools. In 2022, 18 women participated in any of the female management development programs in which Enagas collaborates.

It is vital to create an environment that ensures continuous learning and updating, as well as the development of leadership and skills that help drive the business strategy. Enagás has a training plan for all its professionals that reinforces and accelerates their professional development, communicating the corporate culture and consolidating the development of differential talent. 

We promote personalised coaching programmes aimed at working on the competencies and skills necessary for the performance of each professional, dealing with change and carrying out new roles.

We also have an internal mentoring programme to encourage two-way learning between colleagues.

We believe that each person should be the protagonist of their own learning. For this reason, at Enagás we provide our professionals with the tools they need to achieve this, such as first-class training platforms, while at the same time promoting the use of new digital learning or e-learning formats.

The Enagás Corporate University aims to communicate the company’s culture and consolidate the development of our professionals’ different talents, preparing them for the new challenges facing the company.

To this end, we have framework partnership agreements with training partners and leading national and international business schools.

What does our Corporate University offer?