We implement solutions that promote both digital and sustainable transformation, which will allow us to fulfil our commitment to be a carbon neutral company by 2040 and contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy sector.

We contribute to the excellence of our business model, as well as to continuous improvement and innovation in all the strategic axes of our value chain. We drive innovation, strategic design, data analytics, artificial intelligence and the adoption of other exponential solutions. All of this, while putting our professionals first and focusing on providing value to our stakeholders.


People Centric

Improvement of the day-to-day work of our professionals by promoting digitization in their way of working


Asset life cycle optimisation

Innovation, artificial intelligence and data analytics applied to our assets


Transformation of field operations management

Efficiency in the way we manage our operation and maintenance


Smart management of the Gas System

Artificial intelligence in system models to improve decision-making and guarantee supply


Improve efficiency at company level

Take advantage of digitization in all links of the value chain to increase added value and to adapt to new challenges

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Stakeholder experience transformation

Arrange the relationship model with stakeholders to improve their experience and be more efficient

Our data as an asset

Data is a strategic asset and resource that supports the company's core mission. We have a Cibersecurity and Data Governance Policy that includes our commitments, aimed at maximizing the value of data and facilitating Senior Management decision-making and the achievement of company objectives, as well as aspects related to its quality, traceability, interoperability, security, uniqueness and ethics. 


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