Our success is based on people. At Enagás, we promote new and different ways of working that allow us to adapt quickly and easily to the context in which we operate.

As a company, we have the capacity to adapt to change, seek to maximise the delivery of value and are characterised by having an innovative culture and way of working, in which our professionals are a key element. Therefore, we place them at the heart of all our initiatives, and prioritise and adapt our actions as a company to what really matters to them and to their needs.


The principles of our model



We promote an organisation that is increasingly agile, flexible, transversal and customer-oriented, to whom we continuously add value. 

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We instil an agile philosophy throughout the company by developing capabilities such as innovation and creativity, empowerment and decision-making, transversality, collaboration and continuous improvement.


Work frameworks

We promote agile work frameworks that allow us to meet the challenges we face in a more creative and innovative way and to evolve into high-performance teams.


Collaborative work environment

We have dynamic and flexible workspaces and encourage meetings based on interaction and collaboration, which allow our professionals to enhance the way they work.


Smart working or flexible work models

We provide our professionals with smart working models that allow them to move towards new ways of working in which people enjoy greater flexibility and autonomy.   

Agility Programme

We promote the adoption of agile principles across the company through specific actions in the area of organisation and processes, incorporating agile methodologies that foster communication, transversality and the training of our professionals in agile principles.

We promote the development of communities of practice to spread the agile culture within the company and create an awareness of cultural change in the organisation, for which we rely on our professionals.


Participate in agile practice communities


Value working in agile