Gas markets

The Technical Manager of the System is responsible for ensuring and coordinating day-to-day operations with the organised market and the other trading and intermediation platforms, and for the operation of the MS_ATR.

In addition, it oversees the acquisition of operating gas paid for by the System and operations related to balancing actions in PVB and user imbalances in TVB and AVB.

Announcements of balancing actions’ market offers

Access the Technical Manager of the System’s announcements on the need to post offers to buy or sell gas in the PVB in the Organised Market.




Balancing actions in PVB and Imbalances in TVB and AVB

View the historical information on PVB balancing actions and user imbalance management in TVB and AVB, carried out by the System Technical Manager.





Provisional monthly purchase program for working gas and cushion gas

Download the program below, as well as the request form for the monthly needs of working and cushion gas of the companies that own transmission facilities in the Gas System.





Weekly program of estimated daily working gas needs

Download the file below to view the program.



Cushion gas requirements

View, where applicable, the cushion gas requirements to be purchased at each trading session.



Average price of losses balance

Find out the price value used in the valuation of loss balances, and the information needed to calculate it.



Protocol for the exchange of information between Enagás GTS and MIBGAS



MS-ATR platform operating regulations



Calendar for sending, withdrawing and changing notices