Planning and operation


From its Main Control Centre (CPC), Enagás GTS ensures that all operations of the agents in the Spanish Gas System are within the legally established parameters and do not disrupt the continuity or quality of supply at any point in the System.

From these facilities, we carry out the following activities, respecting the objective of coordinating and optimising the joint operation of the Spanish Gas System at all times:

  • Planning and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the System within permissible technical limits.
  • Confirming the individual commercial operations of each agent participating in the System.
  • Monitoring of the gas pipeline network in real time.
  • Issuing the necessary instructions to operators of gas facilities.
  • Immediate management of operational incidents 24 hours day by qualified personnel.


Technical process documentation

Interconnection agreements

Interconnection agreements

Agreements with adjacent TSOs at international connection points within the EU regarding the processing of user nominations, flow allocation and communication in exceptional circumstances.

These agreements are subject to public consultation under Article 4 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 establishing a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules.

Tanker compatibility

Tanker compatibility

Technical compatibility of LNG tankers with the various regasification terminals in the Spanish Gas System.

Regasification terminal detail

Annual unloading schedule

The documents available are purely for information purposes and not binding. The tentative unloading dates and chronological order set are used as a reference for assigning unloading dates in upcoming monthly schedules.

Capacities are expressed under the following reference conditions: [GCV at 0ºC; V (0ºC, 1.01325 bar)]. As per Annex J of the ISO 6976 standard, the factor to be applied to convert the GCV from 0ºC to 25ºC is 1/1.0026.

Enagás operators working in a regasification terminal

Annual maintenance plan

In this document, you will find information on the following aspects:

  • Dates and capacity incidents at the facilities.
  • Capacity reduction forecasts for international connections due to scheduled maintenance.
Procedures associated with Planning and Operation

Procedures associated with Planning and Operation

View the procedures associated with planning and operation.