Privacy policy

Enagás' commitments in terms of privacy management are grouped into the following fundamental aspects:

Audit Plans and Programs

We conduct regular audits of compliance with privacy regulations. Whether these are internal or external, the functional and organizational independence of the audit teams is fully guaranteed. Communication between the area responsible for management and the audit team is constant, to ensure that the proposed corrective actions are applied, as well as to provide as much evidence as the auditors need.

User monitoring

We review and monitor how many of our customers have given us their consent to the processing for purposes other than those provided for in the contract, such as corporate email marketing. We check our user bases regularly and we make sure we have the prior consent of the data subjects, before sending any communication.

Cross-cutting policies

The transversality in the application of the Privacy Policy is part of our business strategy. We ensure that our policies are applied in all areas and companies that are part of the Enagás Group. This transversality is based on the fulfillment of our contractual obligations within the Group, and on the participation of all the company's bodies in the implementation of a culture of privacy.