Guarantees of origin

Find all the information regarding the setting of the system that will manage the guarantees of origin for renewable gases in Spain.

Royal Decree 376/2022, published on 18th May 2022, establishes the creation of a system to issue and manage guarantees of origin for renewable gases, allowing suppliers and consumers the differentiation of these from those of fossil origin.

According to the Royal Decree, the Technical Manager of the Gas System is designated as Responsible Entity for this new system, as long as the Ministry doesn't have the necessary human and technical resources to do so.

Therefore, among the resulting responsibilities and within three months from the entry into force of the Royal Decree, the Technical Manager of the Gas System will submit to the Ministry a proposal of the ‘Management Procedure’ regulating this GoO system. Meeting the established deadline, the proposal was submitted on the 29th of July. 

Once the ‘Management Procedure’ is approved by the Ministry, and within six months after the approval, the System will be operational.

The most up-to-date information can be found in the following document (in Spanish).

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Proposal of GoO Management Procedure

According to RD 376/2022, establishing a system to issue and manage guarantees of origin for renewable gases, the Technical Manager of the Gas System shall submit to Secretaría de Estado de Energía a proposal of a management procedure including at least:

  • Registration procedure for production facilities. 
  • Definition of the certificate, including expiration, withdrawal and cancelation.
  • Rights and obligations of the account holders.
  • Communication procedures applying to market operators and other issuing bodies for guarantees of origin both for electricity and from third countries.
  • Monitoring procedure for production facilities. 
  • Measurement procedure and procedures for the verification and inspection of measurements, in case of renewable that is not injected into the gas system.
  • Management procedure for complains and allegations.
  • Composition and functioning rules of the Committee of subjects of the System of Guarantees of origin of renewable gases.
  • Rules for modification of the management procedure.

According to the entry into force of RD 376/2022, the Technical Manager of the System shall submit the proposal of the management procedure no later than 18th August 2022. This proposal will be subject to a report by the CNMC and a public consultation by the MITERD, as previous steps before its approval by Orden Ministerial.

Nevertheless, with total independence from the public consultation to be officially run by the Ministry once the proposal is submitted, with the purpose of including the input and vision of renewable gas producers and any other stakeholder in this proposal facilitating the development of the necessary IT systems the Technical Manager of the System carried its own consultation process between 27th June and 15th July.

The public consultation was closed in the target date and, as a result, the following documents are being published (in spanish):

  • Consultation report
  • Proposal of the Management Procedure

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