Planning and capacity


View the current Spanish Gas System plan (2008-2016), as well as the latest processes associated with it and the draft plan for 2012-2020, prepared by Enagás GTS and pending approval by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.



System Analysis 2021-2030

Access all information related to the Technical Manager of the System’s non-binding public consultation on renewable gases within the framework of the 2021-2030 System Analysis.


You can consult the plans of the bordering countries on the websites of REN (Portugal), Teréga and GRTgaz (France).

Pursuant to the provisions of Directive 2009/73/EC and Regulation 715/2009/EC, on this page you can access the ‘Ten Year Network Development Plan’ (TYNDP) and ‘Gas Regional Investment Plan’ (GRIP) documents, as well as the plans of the countries bordering Spain.

The aim of the TYNDP, which is published on a biennial basis, is to show a consistent European gas infrastructure outlook signalling potential future investment gaps. It also endeavours to capture the wider gas market dynamics by looking at aspects such as supply potential, market integration, and Security of Supply.

The publication of the GRIP responds to the requirement to promote regional cooperation and to publish Gas Regional Investment Plans every two years, in accordance with Directive 2009/73/EC and EU Regulation 715/2009/EC.




Technical capacity of interconnections

Article 6 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 984/2013 of 14 October 2013 establishes a Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms in Gas Transmission Systems and supplements Regulation (EC) No 715/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 on conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks. Therefore, Enagás, TIGF and REN maximise the supply of bundled capacity by optimising technical capacity in the VIP Pirineos and VIP Ibérico.

Consult the methodology and maximisation process for compliance with the provisions of the Regulation, as well as the capacities agreed by the gas system operators involved.

The reference temperature is 25ºC.



Permissible ranges

In this section, you can consult information on System capacity, limitations derived from transmission, regasification plants and maximum inputs, all based on the provisions of Detailed Protocol PD-09 “Calculation of permissible ranges for the values of basic control variables within the normal operating ranges of the System,” approved by the Resolution of the Directorate General for Energy Policy and Mines on 20 April 2007, and under normal operating conditions.  



Relevant points

In compliance with the Resolution of the Directorate General for Energy Policy and Mines of 19 July 2011, determining the relevant points of the System for which information must be disclosed, in this section you will find a list of the relevant points of the Spanish Gas System.

You can also view the available and  contracted capacities for the relevant points, as well as real-time flow, real-time flows on an hourly and daily basis.