At Enagás we work to offer our customers the highest levels of innovation and efficiency in the natural gas and LNG services we provide, in accordance with current regulations. All our LNG terminals are now ready to provide services that add value to the gas chain.

Our regasification terminals are among the most efficient in Europe with an availability of over 99% and are subject to a continuous improvement process aimed at providing flexibility and efficiency to the LNG chain. In addition, their geostrategic position, between the Atlantic, Cantabrian and Mediterranean basins, facilitates sea transport and the diversification of LNG supply and destinations.

All Enagás facilities provide both traditional LNG services (vessel unloading, regasification, transferring LNG to tankers and truck loading) and new small-scale and bunkering services, for which we are constantly adapting our facilities. We also offer a vetting service for the assessment and inspection of methane tankers, both in the large- and small-scale sectors. 

Through these operations, Enagás Transporte promotes the creation of a natural gas and LNG commercial hub that contributes to competitiveness and strengthens security of supply in Spain and Europe.


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