Antonio Llardén spoke at the 5th Connected Industry Congress

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10 November 2022
  • In a round table on hydrogen, the Chairman of Enagás stated that it is important to have planned interconnections with a global vision in order to meet Europe's energy needs

The 5th Connected Industry Congress, organised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, inaugurated by Reyes Maroto, was held on November 7-8 at the Valencia Conference Centre. The event brought together top-level leaders, institutions, companies, associations and business clusters committed to the recovery within the framework of the industry.

Antonio Llardén took part in the round table “Digital transformation at the forefront of the new energy paradigm: Hydrogen”, together with Eduardo Gil, Chairman of Nippon Gases Euro-Holding; Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol, and with Raül Blanco, Secretary General for Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, as moderator.

The Enagás Chairman mentioned that without renewable gases “it will be difficult for us to reach the EU 2050 targets”, which is why it is necessary to “help create a hydrogen market. There are potential suppliers and potential buyers, and we need to put them in touch with each other”. To this end, “European transport networks need to be developed", and he pointed out that “joint planning is essential. In Europe we need to have planned interconnections with a global vision”.

He also pointed out that Enagás Gestor Técnico del Sistema (Technical Manager of the System) has been appointed, on a temporary basis, as the entity responsible for the implementation and management of the new system of guarantees of origin for renewable gases.

Antonio Llardén stressed that “In Spain we have the infrastructures, the technology and an important industry. We must coordinate effectively and be able to comply with the decarbonisation process whilst continuing to contribute to increasing Europe's security of supply.” 


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