Spain reaches an all-time record of natural gas exports to France via the Pyrenees

01 May 2023


The Spanish Gas System continues to contribute to the security of Europe’s energy supply.


In April 2023, Spain reached an all-time record in the export of natural gas by pipeline to France. Through its two interconnections, Irún in the Basque Country and Larrau in Navarre, it recorded a flow of 6.52 TWh last month.

This record, which surpasses that achieved in May 2022 when a flow through interconnections with France of 5.9 TWh was recorded, highlights the crucial role played by the Spanish Gas System in the security of European energy supply.

The strike in France has caused a decline in local gas production, leading to increased reliance on imports to meet domestic demand. In this context, the Spanish Gas System has demonstrated its capacity to guarantee security of supply to the neighbouring country, providing a constant and stable flow of natural gas.

This historic record in the export of natural gas to France not only highlights the robustness of the Spanish Gas System in Europe, but also underscores the importance of having solid and efficient infrastructures that enable cross-border energy cooperation.

Note: This information is provisional pending definitive figures.


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