Demand for natural gas in Spain grows by 11.6% in May

31 May 2018

• This has been the highest gas demand in May for industry since records began, with a total of 17,654 GWh

• This year to date, national natural gas demand has grown by nearly 7.4%

As of the end of May, national demand for natural gas had grown by about 11.6% over the same period the previous year, reaching 26,255 GWh. This increase was driven by greater conventional demand, particularly from the industrial sector, as well as larger deliveries of gas for electricity generation.

Conventional demand, destined for consumption in homes, business and industry, grew by 9.1% in May in comparison to the same month last year, totalling 21,553 GWh. This figure is primarily due to an 8.3% increase in industrial demand, which reached 17,654 GWh, the highest figure ever recorded for the month of May. Consumption grew in virtually every industrial sector, particularly services and construction. The increase in conventional demand was also partially due to the effect of temperatures, which have been lower than normal.
Natural gas demand for the electricity sector will close the month of May up approximately 24.6% as a consequence of increased use of natural gas in the mix used for electricity generation.
This year to date, demand for natural gas in Spain has increased by about 7.4% compared to the same period in 2017, driven primarily by conventional demand (+8%). Industrial consumption, which represents approximately 60% of national demand, is growing by about 5%, in line with the positive developments in the economy.


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