Through Ingenia Business, Enagás rewards the most innovative business ideas of its professionals

02 February 2016

The company has set up a Corporate Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation programme to promote the generation and support of new business models

Ingenia Business fosters the culture of internal entrepreneurship at Enagás and is committed to innovation applied to new businesses


Enagás has rewarded the most innovative business ideas submitted by its professionals to Ingenia Business. The purpose of this initiative is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship at the company and a commitment towards innovation applied to the generation of new businesses related to the activity of Enagás.

A total of four projects have won awards this time, from a total of 61 candidatures that were received. The winners will be able to access a specialised consultancy programme, to define the business model associated to their idea, and which could receive the backing of Enagás in its subsequent development.

The winners of Ingenia Business and Enagás Chief Executive Officer, Marcelino Oreja.

The first prize went to the idea that focused on development of technology for the multi-detection of gas leaks and gas flames. Other projects were also acknowledged, related to the prediction of demand in new international markets, energy efficiency, as well as the introduction of small-scale natural gas activities.

The 63 participants in Ingenia Business will receive specific training in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity. Furthermore, these ideas will receive the backing of Enagás and will be publicly available within the framework of the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme. This will also be available to other companies or any other person interested in taking part in the development of the different business ideas.

This initiative, which seeks to turn the ideas of Enagás professionals into feasible business models supported by the company, forms part of the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme of Enagás, which was launched at the end of February 2014.


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