Government gives Enagás go-ahead to build mainland-Balearic islands gas pipeline

03 August 2007

Public use of the Denia-Ibiza-Mallorca gas pipeline is recognised

The underwater section of the pipeline will be 268km long and the investment will total €400Mn

Total investment for the overall project, which includes the Montesa-Denia gas pipeline and a compression station in Denia, amounts to €490Mn

The Spanish Directorate-General for Energy Policy and Mines has authorised Enagás to proceed with the construction of the Denia-Ibiza-Mallorca gas pipeline and recognised its public use.

The pipeline will comprise two sections. The first, from Denia to Punta de Cala Gració (Ibiza), will be 123km long. The maximum depth will be 997m.

The second stretch, from San Antonio de Portmany (Ibiza) to the San Juan de Dios (Mallorca) thermal power station will be 145km long, with a maximum depth of 718m.

The pipe will have a diameter of 20 inches and will be designed to withstand pressure of 220 bar.

Valve positions will be built on both islands to deliver gas to the distributor.

Initial demolition work is scheduled to start after summer, when the tourist season is over. The laying of the submarine pipes is scheduled to start in 2008, with the pipeline expected to come on-stream in summer 2009.

The pipe will transport a maximum volume of 676,00m3 of natural gas, which will reach Mallorca with a pressure of 80 bar.


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