Enagás took part in the conference "Reality and opportunities for the development of biomethane in Spain"

Renewable gases Infrastructure
20 March 2023
  • Susana de Pablo, General Manager of Technical Management of the Gas System at Enagás, highlighted Spain’s potential in this area 

Organised by Sedigas and Prensa Ibérica, the conference “Reality and opportunities for the development of biomethane in Spain” was attended by the General Manager of Technical Management of the Gas System at Enagás, Susana de Pablo

Also attended the Secretary General of Sedigas, Naiara Ortiz de Mendíbil; the Energy and Utilities Partner of PwC Spain, Óscar Barrero; and the Director of Biovic, Luis Puchades. All took part in the intervention, where they analysed the different perspectives and opportunities of the biomethane potential in Spain. The panel was moderated by David Page, Editor-in-Chief of El Periódico de España.

Susana de Pablo pointed out that “biomethane is totally homogeneous with the natural gas that is currently being transported and distributed through the networks and, therefore, the existing infrastructures are fully prepared for its incorporation”.

In connection to Spain’s potential to develop biomethane, Susana de Pablo stated that in the 2030 vision, renewable gases will be key to Europe’s security of supply and energy independence. “Spain has great potential for biomethane and hydrogen development,” she stated.

They also discussed the regulatory and administrative framework, where the directive mentioned that in March last year there was already an approved Biogas Roadmap, and there was also a PNIEC (National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan); but that “REPowerEU sets more ambitious targets, and work is underway to update both the Biogas and Hydrogen Roadmaps such as the PNIEC”.

With regard to Enagás GTS’s work to promote renewable gases, Susana de Pablo explained that the issue of guarantees of origin will be launched on 28 March. This will bring two important milestones: the connection of the Guarantees of Origin platform for renewable gases with the electricity Guarantees of Origin platform, managed by the CNMC, and the connection with the AIB platform (Association of Issuing Bodies, the entity that manages all GoO transactions in Europe), which will allow the import and export of Guarantees of Origin with other European countries. “As Technical Manager of the System, we are developing the platform, thinking about how to evolve it and looking at different models in Europe,” she concluded.

The COO of Enagás Renovable, Luis Iglesias, then took part in the second round table discussion with the Head of Legal Services and Regulation of Nedgia (Naturgy group), Alberto González; the Commercial and New Business General Manager of Nortegas, Izaskun Gorostiaga; the Head of Business Diversification at Redexis, Miguel Mayrata; and the Head of Investments of Verdalia Bioenergy, Eduardo Barros. This panel discussion focused on current biomethane projects and was also moderated by David Page.


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