Enagás updates its Sustainability Strategy

Corporate Descarbonisation
12 December 2022
  • It is built on three pillars that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, and integrated into the newly proposed Strategic Plan until 2030

Last July, Enagás presented its Strategic Plan to 2030. A plan with a very clear purpose: security of supply and decarbonisation, and in which sustainability plays a key role.

For Natalia Latorre, Energy Transition General Manager at Enagás, “we all need to work together to ensure that the company’s strategy is in line with European developments and environmental commitments to achieve climate neutrality by 2040”.

In light of this, the company has recently updated its Sustainability Strategy in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and further align with the energy transition. This update is structured around three strategic pillars.

  • Decarbonisation of its operations and value chain: speed up climate action by focusing on the development of renewable gases, energy efficiency and emission reductions, while preserving natural environments and their biodiversity.
  • Transformation with a focus on people: promote cultural and people transformation through different channels such as the development of new profiles and capabilities; strategic talent management that promotes new values, diverse and inclusive ecosystems and ensures commitment; an organisation with professionals who promote new ways of working; and a culture of safety with mechanisms for flexibility, physical and emotional well-being for professionals.
  • Governance to ensure human rights and environmental due diligence: a governance model that ensures sustainability due diligence with a focus on human rights and the environment in both Enagás’ own operations and those of its value chain, with particular interest in its affiliates and in its supply chain.

These pillars were defined and approved by the Sustainability Committee and the Executive Committee and ratified by the Enagás Sustainability and Appointments Committee.

Following an in-depth review and update of the company’s materiality analysis, Enagás has taken into account the significance of the environmental, social, and governance dimensions as perceived by its stakeholders, particularly investors and the regulator.


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