Enagás participates in the CEOE’s biodiversity conference

Events Descarbonisation
24 March 2023
  • Elena Blanco, Head of Sustainability and Environment, has highlighted the company’s actions to address decarbonisation with a focus on nature and its biodiversity 

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) has held the first conference on biodiversity in the framework of the Environment working group of the Industry and Ecological Transition Committee.

On behalf of Enagás, Elena Blanco, Head of Sustainability and Environment, together with representatives from Repsol, Naturgy, Endesa, Iberdrola and Redeia, presented the guide “Natural Capital and the Spanish Energy Sector”, which highlights the main impacts and interdependencies of natural capital in the Spanish energy sector.

During the conference, Elena Blanco explained the measures Enagás is implementing to meet the challenge of decarbonisation while respecting nature and its biodiversity. “We are working on various initiatives, including nature-based solutions such as participation in Spain’s largest reforestation project, Motor Verde, or the introduction of extensive livestock grazing to maintain vegetation in linear gas infrastructures,” she said.

The company has set itself the goal for 2050 of going beyond pure nature conservation and having a positive impact on nature. 



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