Enagás, recognised with the ISO 55001 asset management certification

Infrastructure Corporate
28 January 2024
  • This international standard accredits the company as a benchmark in infrastructure management.

Enagás has obtained the ISO 55001 certification in asset management. The accreditation is the recognition of an international standard for the company's infrastructure asset management model in accordance with the practices identified during the audit process.

Among the most relevant aspects of the standard are an integral view of the asset's life cycle, a consolidated management of operational risk, the alignment of the model with the Strategic Asset Management Plan and the establishment of technical methodologies to support decision-making. All this within a framework of guaranteeing the total cost of the assets and the availability and quality of customer service.

These management practices are also aligned with the company's objectives, under the principle of continuous improvement in processes and integration of new ways of working, with a clear commitment to innovation and digitalisation and in line with industrial safety and ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria.

This accreditation recognises the effort of 10 years of work in the definition and implementation of an asset management model, framed in the company's Integrated Management System (SIG SMAC).

In addition, this certification recognizes Enagás as a benchmark in the technical and economic management of gas assets and improves its strategic positioning for the future with respect to the different phases of the asset's life cycle (engineering, operation, maintenance, etc.) of infrastructures associated with new energy vectors.



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