Arturo Gonzalo at Foro Tendencias 2023: “Spanish infrastructure will be key to peace of mind in Europe”

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27 November 2022


  • Foro Tendencias 2023, the forum organised by El País and Harmon for the purpose of bringing together companies, institutions and associations to discuss current energy trends, was officially opened by the Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant

Arturo Gonzalo, CEO of Enagás, took part in the round table discussion “Spain’s leading role in achieving European energy independence”, together with Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola España, and moderated by Ignacio Fariza, journalist at El País. 

The Enagás CEO explained that “storage facilities are extraordinarily full, at levels of 96.8% in Spain and 94.8% in Europe”, and highlighted the role of Spanish infrastructure, which “will be key to providing Europe with peace of mind”.

Both speakers shared several points of view regarding future European plans for renewable energies. According to Arturo Gonzalo, “solving the challenges of our energy transition requires a commitment to every technology that contributes to decarbonisation”. He stressed that “decarbonisation will have two faces: electricity and renewable hydrogen”.

“Spain has a huge opportunity to be a major producer of green energy for Europe”, the Enagás CEO concluded, also highlighting the country’s capacity to export this energy carrier to Europe.


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