Antonio Llardén underlines Spain’s key role in the EU’s security of supply at CIBITEC24

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24 April 2024
  • The Chairman of Enagás highlighted the importance of Spain’s gas infrastructure, as well as the opportunity for our country to become a European hub for renewable hydrogen.

Enagás Chairman, Antonio Llardén, has advocated for Spain’s robust gas infrastructure, which has bolstered Europe’s security of supply in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, and pointed out our country’s capacity to assume a crucial role for the EU in renewable hydrogen. “In Spain we have a network of high-pressure gas pipeline highways, spanning over 12,000 kilometres, with an LNG storage capacity that is number one in Europe,” he said during his speech at the VI Ibero-American Congress of Engineering and Technology (CIBITEC24), held in Madrid on April 23 and 24, 2024.



Llardén stressed that the capacity of the Spanish gas infrastructure has made it possible in recent years to guarantee exports by pipeline to countries such as France and Portugal, and, via LNG tankers, to Germany and Italy. “We have worked for the whole of Europe”, he stated during his participation in the panel discussion on “Industry, technology and sustainability” alongside the Chairman of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Jaime Domínguez Abascal; the Chairwoman of Redeia, Beatriz Corredor; the Chairman of Airtificial, Eduardo Montes and the Dean of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Madrid, Fabián Torres, as moderator.

Antonio Llardén emphasised that recent geopolitical shifts in Europe have acted as a catalyst for shaping a unified European energy policy. “Over the past 24 to 25 months, the EU has taken a significant leap forward in establishing regulations aimed at securing the energy transition and security of supply,” he remarked.

The Enagás Chairman highlighted Enagás’ focus on Europe. “Due to the security of supply situation that has affected Europe and the rest of the world, Enagás has expanded its role as a partner in the TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline), a major pipeline transporting natural gas from Azerbaijan to Italy,” he stated. He also highlighted the increased participation in the Hanseatic Energy Hub (HEH) consortium, which is building the Stade plant, the first onshore LNG plant in Germany.

Llardén stressed that Spain can contribute to strengthening the EU’s “energy sovereignty” through renewable hydrogen. “Spain can play a very important role because of its geographical latitude and because it is the second largest country in Europe, we have the possibility of supplying renewable energy to industries in our territory and in Europe.”

He also highlighted Enagás’ designation as HTNO (Hydrogen Transmission Network Operator). “In April, we will submit the hydrogen transport infrastructure proposal for Spain to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge,” he said. 


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