The High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation visits Enagás’ Energy Venture Centre

Entrepreneurship Innovation
09 June 2022
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Enagás and the Enagás Emprende General Manager met with Francisco Polo and his team to show their support for making Spain an increasingly entrepreneurial nation

The High Commissioner, the body of the Presidency of the Spanish Government responsible for promoting the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy, represented by Francisco Polo, visited the Enagás Energy Venture Centre offices.

Arturo Gonzalo, Enagás Chief Executive Officer, and Enagás Emprende General Manager Fernando Impuesto welcomed Francisco Polo and his team to the building on Calle Titán in Madrid, where this working and collaboration space for start-ups driving the energy transition is located.

During the visit, they presented the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy and developed common working points and synergies. Other issues, such as how the war in Ukraine is accelerating energy security and independence or the deployment of renewable gases and other clean energy, were also discussed.

In addition, Francisco Polo and his team were given a tour of the Centre. In these offices dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, teams from different entrepreneurial initiatives related to the energy transition work and share synergies, all of which are promoted by Enagás Emprende. 


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