Arturo Gonzalo at Wake Up Spain!

Decarbonisation Innovation
04/04/2022 - 08:00. Madrid


The second edition of the economic forum organised by EL ESPAÑOL, Invertia and D+I is entitled “Learning, growth and sustainability in a Europe of solidarity”.

The series of meetings will take place on April 4-8 and will be inaugurated by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. The forum will be attended by members of the government, social agents, regional presidents, mayors, business people and national and international leaders. The symposium will focus on various Strategic Projects for the Economic Recovery and Transformation (‘PERTE’) and the reforms undertaken following the arrival of the Next Generation EU Funds.

At 18:35 h on April 4, Enagás CEO Arturo Gonzalo will speak about “the Spanish gas system in the new European context”. You can follow his participation in this link.

The forum will be live streamed on El Español’s YouTube channel.

Click here to see the full agenda. 


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