Arturo Gonzalo takes part in the 7th Energy Forum from elEconomista

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09 September 2022
  • The CEO of Enagás highlighted Spain’s key role in the current energy context and the new opportunities offered by hydrogen 

Arturo Gonzalo, Enagás’ Chief Executive Officer, spoke at the forum “Repower EU: The road towards energy independence”, organised by elEconomista in which institutional representatives and CEOs from the sector debated the current energy context and its future. Specifically, he participated in the discussion panel on hydrogen, moderated by Rubén Esteller, deputy editor of elEconomista, together with representatives of Madrileña Red de Gas, Redexis, Exolum, EY, Reganosa, Nedgia and Nortegas, to discuss the new opportunities offered by hydrogen in the energy paradigm.

Arturo Gonzalo highlighted Spain’s role in becoming one of the main producers of renewable hydrogen in Europe: “Spain has a historic opportunity to be a major producer of green hydrogen in Europe and a major exporter of renewable hydrogen to other major consumers such as Germany.”

Furthermore, the Enagás CEO mentioned that “the most efficient way to transport hydrogen over long distances is to produce it close to the renewable resource and transport molecules”. Arturo Gonzalo stated that “in Spain we are going to play a major role in the future European Hydrogen Backbone and Repower EU has identified the main European hydrogen corridors, and in this approach the Iberian corridor will probably be the most important”.



With regard to MidCat, Arturo Gonzalo stressed that “it has the ultimate logic of being one of the major backbones for exporting hydrogen to large European consumers”, as is also reflected in the European Commission’s plan (Repower EU).

The Enagás CEO also spoke of the importance of an efficient regulatory framework that anticipates the future and considered the development of the system of guarantees of origin for renewable gases, with Enagás as the transitional responsible entity, to be a key step that has already been taken in Spain.


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