CEOE-Sedigas Conference: “Keys to the development of biomethane in Spain”

Renewable gases Decarbonisation
02/11/2022 - 09:30. Madrid


With initiatives such as RepowerEU or the revision of the gas and hydrogen package, the European Commission has highlighted the importance of biomethane in the current energy context.

Spain is taking the first steps to bring new biomethane plants into operation this year. To discuss this alternative for decarbonising the economy, the CEOE and Sedigas are organising the conference “Keys to the development of biomethane in Spain”, which will take place on 2 November in a hybrid format. The face-to-face event will be held at the CEOE headquarters (Calle Diego de León 50, Madrid).

Jesús Gil, Director of Hydrogen Infrastructures at Enagás, will take part in the round table “Biomethane value chain” (10:00 a.m.), together with Belén Vázquez de Quevedo, Technical Secretary General of AEVERSU; María Fernández-Argüelles Velasco, Senior Manager Southern Europe Gas & Power, and Narcís de Carrera, CEO of Nedgia.

Project financing and success stories in Europe will also be discussed at later round tables.

Check this link for the full agenda.

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