Human rights

At Enagás, we ensure compliance with human rights applicable to the context and activities of the company by acting in each of our material issues. To this end, we follow the roadmap established by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Human rights are addressed using a continuous improvement approach aligned with our Sustainable Management System. To this end, we have a global system that enables us to identify human rights risks and impacts.

These risks and impacts are identified throughout the company’s value chain based on international standards according to location and activity, communication and dialogue with stakeholders, and consultation with external human rights experts. 

Main human risks analysed in Enagás' operations and its value chain


The result of the assessments carried out in 2022 showed that the risk of non-compliance at Enagás and in its value chain is low for all the risks analysed, thanks to the measures the company has implemented as part of its Sustainable Management Model. We have plans to prevent and mitigate human rights risks in all the geographies in which the company operates.

We also have a Whistleblowing Channel that is accessible to all stakeholders to submit questions and complaints, and that the company uses to identify potential human rights violations. 

In 2022, Enagás did not identify any human rights violations, so it was not necessary to take remediation actions.

All of our employees receive human rights training so they know how the company ensures human rights are respected.