System Operation Plan


View the monthly Operation Plans of the System resulting from the last daily update of every month including information until the day in progress. The monthly Operation Plans of the System obtained once the Monthly Forecast has been finished (M1 and M2) and the daily updated information for the days of the current month and the following one, can be consulted by accredited users in the SL-ATR platform, subsection “Gas system operational schedule” of the section Informative messages.

These documents present physical information of the Gas System, distributed in three pages that contain the following daily data:

  • Regasification plants: The movement of LNG in these infrastructures.
  • Transmission System: Detail of entries in the transport network by infrastructure, including biomethane, and detail of exits from the Gas System.
  • Natural gas stocks in the System: Inventories in tanks, transport network and underground storage facilities. The number of equivalent days of autonomy in plants regarding actual-planned production is also accessible.
Month / Year

There is no data for those dates


This section covers NGTS-03 “Schedules,” section “3.6.2 Publication of carrier unloading schedules” and NGTS-09 “Normal operation of the system”, section “3 Publication of information on Normal operation of the system”

Quantities are expressed under the following reference conditions: [GCV at 0ºC ; V (0, 1.01325 bar)] . As per Appendix J of ISO 6976, the factor to be applied for converting SCP at 0ºC to 25ºC will be 1/1,0026.

Enagás GTS cannot be held responsible for any changes, amendments, errors or omissions once this information has been published. These data are for information purposes only.