Daily System monitoring

Check the physical status of the System at the end of each gas day.

The information displayed includes, for the selected day:

  • LNG movement in plants: levels, output, tanker unloading, regasification and tanker loading.
  • Imports and exports through international connections.
  • Details of underground storage facility management.
  • Information on pipeline stock.

The unit shown in the report is GWh/day except for those items for which the unit is explicitly indicated.


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Gas System Inventory

Emission date:

Capacities are expressed under the following reference conditions: [GCV at 0ºC; V (0ºC, 1.01325 bar)]. As per Annex J of the ISO 6976 standard, the factor to be applied to convert the GCV from 0ºC to 25ºC is 1/1.0026.