Enagás redesigns its organisational structure to implement a new Strategic Plan

20 June 2022
  • The Board of Directors of Enagás, under Antonio Llarden’s chairmanship approved today, at the proposal of its CEO, Arturo Gonzalo, a new organisational structure to develop the Strategic Plan the company will soon be presenting

The new organisation is a response to the goal of focusing on energy transition and security of supply in Spain and Europe. It promotes innovation to aid in the decarbonisation process. Renewable hydrogen will play an essential role in reaching this goal.

This new structure allows for an Executive Committee to be created. It prepares the company for any business challenges that may arise from the new European paradigm established by REpowerEU and the Fit for 55 programme.

    Arturo Gonzalo, Enagás CEO, said that “The new executive structure reflects a more agile approach to facilitate transformation. It focuses on the new opportunities facing the company in the present context and has a clear commitment towards decarbonisation.”

    In the new organisation, Natalia Latorre joins the company as Energy Transition General Manager. This new General Management will encompass the areas of Sustainability and Climate Action, Strategy and Planning, International Policy & Organisations and Regulatory Affairs and Remuneration.

    Susana de Pablo, until now Director of the Main Control Centre, will take over the Technical Management of the System Department. In the financial area, Luis Romero, previously Director of International Business, will become the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

    Diego Trillo (until now, Legal Services & Regulatory Director) will also join the Executive Committee as Legal Services and Corporate Affairs General Manager.


    Rafael Piqueras continues to be responsible for the Office of the General Secretary of the Board of Directors.

    Jesus Saldaña spearheads the Business Development and Affiliates General Management. He will be responsible both for identifying growth opportunities and overseeing affiliate management.

    Claudio Rodríguez is the Gas Assets General Manager. In addition to operating, maintaining, and developing all gas assets to ensure security of supply, it will also be responsible for the analysis and development of infrastructures required to develop renewable hydrogen.

    Felisa Martin, who heads the Communication, Public Affairs & Investor Relations General Management, will be in charge of coordinating communications with all stakeholders and will also oversee the Investor Relations Department and Chairman’s Office.

    Javier Perera heads the People and Transformation General Management. It will focus on these areas as key levers for implementing the Strategy. 

    Anton Martinez is the Director of Enagás Renovable and Services. He has stepped down as a member of the Executive Committee in order for Enagás to retain its independence as TSO and Technical Manager of the System. Antón Martínez will head the affiliate Enagás Renovable after the entry of the HY24 fund as a shareholder, expected to take place in the coming weeks.

    Arturo Gonzalo stated that: “People are the most important thing for this stage. We must have an agile organisation that can be transversal and flexible. We also need to be committed towards diversity and internal promotion in order to make the most of all the knowledge and expertise from different areas. New challenges call for top-level profiles that can provide an innovative and transformative vision.”

    The company has acknowledged the remarkable work that Diego Vela (General Manager of Technical System Management), Juan Andrés Díez de Ulzurrun (Deputy General Manager) and Borja Garcia-Alarcón (CFO), have done for the company. The three of them are now leaving after a long, successful career.

    With the new appointments the Enagás Executive Committee under CEO Arturo Gonzalo was reduced to 9 members (from 11). Its members are now:

    • Arturo Gonzalo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Natalia Latorre, Energy Transition General Manager
    • Susana de Pablo, Technical Management of the System General Manager
    • Claudio Rodríguez, Gas Assets General Manager
    • Diego Trillo, Legal Services and Corporate Affairs General Manager
    • Luis Romero, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Jesús Saldaña, Business Development and Affiliates General Manager
    • Felisa Martín, Communication, Public Affairs & Investor Relations General Manager
    • Javier Perera, People and Transformation General Manager


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