The Port of Huelva and Enagás sign an agreement to support the promotion of renewable gas projects

Corporate Renewable gases Descarbonisation
13 September 2023
  • The agreement aims to facilitate the integration of Bio-LNG and green hydrogen into the integrated logistics chain of the Enagás plant in Huelva


The President of the Port of Huelva, Alberto Santana, and the CEO of Enagás, Arturo Gonzalo, have signed a protocol in Huelva to identify innovation opportunities in renewable gases such as hydrogen and BioLNG, which lays the foundation for progress in decarbonising future logistics projects at the Huelva terminal. 

Signing of the agreement by the President of the Port of Huelva, Alberto Santana, and the Enagás CEO, Arturo Gonzalo.

The President of the Port of Huelva Authority, Alberto Santana, thanked Enagás — which operates a regasification plant in the Port of Huelva — for “its willingness to collaborate in the development of new fuels” and assured that “the Port of Huelva has become an energy and industrial cluster that promotes clean fuels as one of the three drivers of the Port of Huelva 2023-2030 Strategic Plan with a vision to 2050”.

Enagás CEO Arturo Gonzalo emphasised the Huelva Regasification Plant's “significant role as an energy hub that strengthens Europe's supply security, in which efforts are ongoing to enhance capacity, flexibility, and operational availability at the plant, while also making strides in the decarbonisation process, focusing on the operation and value chain with renewable gases”.

The agreement, signed at the Port Authority of Huelva headquarters, aims to establish the groundwork for conducting technical and economic analyses of services with renewable gases, identifying new infrastructures and connections, developing trade missions and contacts with actors in the sector, and exploring access to possible funding. 

The agreement sets specific objectives to advance the integration of renewable gases in the development of the integrated logistics chain. This progress will be driven by the European CoreLNGas Hive project, which has played a significant role in establishing the Port of Huelva as a key energy hub. The agreement also aims to promote the development of Bio-LNG and green hydrogen, particularly in connection with the future Spanish Hydrogen Backbone Network.

In the short term, the agreement will allow for the exploration of Bio-LNG bunkering logistics projects that will reduce the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain. Following the signing of this protocol, a work programme and timetable for the implementation of joint studies will be established.

Enagás is actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency and decarbonisation at the Huelva Plant, including a self-consumption electricity and green hydrogen project, as well as the use of ecological cooling generated from the terminal's LNG. The latter initiative is being pursued in collaboration with the Port of Huelva.

Family picture at the signing act.


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