Enagás, Teréga, GazelEnergie, and DH2 Energy will cooperate to study the development of the value chain of renewable hydrogen between Spain and France

30 March 2021

The gas operators Enagás and Teréga, the renewable hydrogen producer DH2 and the energy group GazelEnergie, have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Franco-Spanish Lacq Hydrogen project.

This project will study:

  • The production and supply of renewable hydrogen from Spain to France between DH2 and GazelEnergie,
  • Hydrogen transmission from Spain to France between Enagás and Teréga,
  • Hydrogen storage and transmission on the Teréga grid to supply hydrogen to GazelEnergie’s renewable power plant,
  • Renewable power production, 100% dispatchable, via a combined cycle power plant operated by GazelEnergie.

Lacq Hydrogen, submitted in response to the Call for Expressions of Interest for “INNOVATIVE PROJECTS OF A EUROPEAN OR NATIONAL SCALE ON THE DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND USE OF HYDROGEN SYSTEMS” in June 2020, as an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), aims to become one of the European links in the strategic hydrogen value chain, driven by growing demand for green electricity.

Lacq Hydrogen is fully in phase with France's stated ambitions for hydrogen: to build by 2030 a carbon-free, sustainable and international hydrogen sector; and those of the European Union: to produce 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030 at a competitive price.

Contributing to the carbon neutrality goals sets by the European Union and France, the Lacq Hydrogen project illustrates the ambitious initiatives deployed by industrial companies in favour of green energy.

“As a gas operator and accelerator of the energy transition, the promotion of new gases forms part of our absolute priorities. The cooperation with GazelEnergie, DH2 and Enagás is a major milestone in accelerating the mass development of green hydrogen for Europe and all the regions. We are proud to be contributing to managing this pioneering project within a sector which is making the news, which has a strong potential and which, we are convinced, has a great future. ” Dominique Mockly – Chairman and CEO of Teréga stated.

« Enagás's roadmap, both in the short and long term, is aligned with the European hydrogen strategy and with the entire Spanish energy and climate strategic framework. TSOs, such as Enagás and Teréga, can play a key role in the European decarbonisation process, contributing their experience, know-how and capacity as a systems integrator. Spain is strongly positioned to become a producer and exporter of renewable hydrogen. The Spanish gas network is a crucial long-term infrastructure”. Marcelino Oreja - CEO of Enagás stated.

“GazelEnergie is an energy producer and supplier activity involved in the energy transition. The deployment of innovative and renewable energies into the heart of the territories is a challenge that we wish to meet. The Lacq Hydrogen project, certainly ambitious, responds to these objectives, and thanks to the cooperation with Enagas, DH2 and Teréga, will enable us to deploy a dispatchable green energy solution.” Jean-Michel Mazalérat – Chairman & CEO of GazelEnergie stated.

«Lacq Hydrogen is the perfect demonstration of the emerging role of green hydrogen as the cornerstone of fully dependable 100% renewable energy systems. At DH2 Energy we are proud to enable such a project with the very large volumes of competitively priced hydrogen supplied from our solar and electrolysis facilities in Spain."» Thierry Lepercq, Chairman of DH2 Energy stated.


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